Excellent quality alfalfa

Dehy-alfalfa plant - animal feed mill

MIDIKI OF NORTHERN GREECE S.A., at Vrachia, Thessaloniki, produces the leading, in quality, dehydrated alfalfa meal, from 100% green alfalfa (lucerne), in the form of pellets.

Green alfalfa is harvested from fields of the area of Axios river and is artificially dehydrated at high temperatures (650 to 800°C). In contrast to the traditional method, where the drying procedure lasts 4-5 days, and thus the loss of nutrients exceeds 40% (45-50%), the artificial dehydration lasts only a few seconds (5-7 sec) and, in this way, the loss of nutrients is minimized and is essentially zeroed, so the vitally important nutrients that exist in the leaves of the plant at the field and the ingredients remain unaltered and in whole until they reach the stockbreeder-producer.

As a result, the total proteins of alfalfa meal that the company produces range from a minimum value of 18% up to 24-25% in the last cuts, while the total carotenes (provitamin Α) range from 175 to 225 mg/kg, put the product at a supra-competitive position.

The above excellent features and the consistent quality of the alfalfa meal that the company produces since 1976, have worthily rendered the product as the most popular product in the market and the name MIDIKI OF NORTHERN GREECE S.A. synonymous with QUALITY!