Dehy-Alfalfa Plant

Excellent quality animal feed

MIDIKI OF NORTHERN GREECE S.A. is active, with great success, in the sector of production of alfalfa meal, since 1976. The company is located at Vrachia, Thessaloniki, at the center of the fertile plain of Axios river, in an area that favors the production of alfalfa (lucerne) of excellent quality. The saline soils of the area of Vrachia guarantee the high quality yield of the company’s crops, which is considered as a leader in the sector of dehy-alfalfa meal.

Alfalfa is the most important fodder plant, globally, due to its high nutritional value. In Greece and in the wider area of Europe it was introduced during the Greco-Persian wars, in the fifth century BC. The lucerne grass -commonly known as alfalfa- is rich in proteins, carbohydrates, mineral salts and vitamins and is used as coarse fodder, consisting the main fodder plant in our country.

MIDIKI OF NORTHERN GREECE S.A., since 1999, entered dynamically in the sector of animal feed also, mainly for ovines and bovines. The company produces a wide range of compound feed -mixtures and concentrates-, being focused on the production of excellent quality products, appropriate for all phases of growth of animals.

MIDIKI OF NORTHERN GREECE S.A. produces more than the two thirds of the domestically produced alfalfa meal, and is the leader in its sales.

As a dehy-alfalfa plant, it is distinguished for its high quality production and supplies production units throughout Greece, as well as abroad.

At the company’s facilities, at Vrachia, Thessaloniki, all standards and parameters that guarantee the production of excellent quality alfalfa meal are strictly followed, having as result the recognition of the company as a leader in its sector.

Since 1976, the year MIDIKI OF NORTHERN GREECE was founded, and until today, the company is recognized by the Greek stockbreeders for its incomparable and constantly top quality in the production of alfalfa (lucerne). Since 1999, the reputation of the company in alfalfa meal, is now accompanied by a wide range of feed and bran mash. More particularly, MIDIKI produces mixtures and concentrates, of a unique quality, for ruminant milked animals, principally for ovines and cattle.

The name of the company is recognized by its quality guarantee for 41 consecutive years, which is proved by the preference of its products by its select and regular clients, in Greece and abroad.

It must be remarked that the area where the company’s headquarters are located was not randomly chosen, but has been selected in the context of the absolute professionalism of the founders of MIDIKI and their effort for successful and distinguished operations. Thus, the particular area of Vrachia, Thessaloniki has been selected based on the following:

  • its proximity to areas where ovines are traditionally reared (Macedonia, Thessaly)
  • its proximity to the port of Thessaloniki
  • the alkaline (saline) soils of the area, which guarantee the production of alfalfa (lucerne) of excellent quality